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Learn skills to become an AI builder. Build and launch your dream.

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The Future of AI 🤖

The landscape of work and creativity is on the brink of a revolutionary change. Advanced AI tools are making it easier than ever to work on projects, write code, and launch initiatives. This shift is democratizing innovation, allowing more people to bring their ideas to life. At Atris Launchpad, we're at the forefront of this transformation, empowering you to harness these tools and shape the future.

Choose Your Path 🛤️

Simulation Track 🤖

Get assigned an idea and let AI help you execute. Confirm decisions and use AI agents to bring the project to life.

Free Will Track 💡

Choose your own idea and let AI be your co-pilot. Unleash your creativity with AI assistance to overcome obstacles.

How It Works 🛠️

Learn AI Leverage 🧠

Master the art of using AI tools to amplify your capabilities.

Launch Your Project 🚀

Choose or be assigned a project focused on generating economic output.

Join the Community 🤝

Benefit from in-person events and collaborative learning experiences.

Our Commitment 💪

At Atris, we're committed to your success. We provide the necessary compute resources, tools, and mentorship to bring your projects to fruition. Our innovative business model ensures a win-win scenario, where we take a small percentage from successful transactions, aligning our success with yours.

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