Craft a Custom AI Assistant in Seconds

Specialize it in any topic, then monetize through our marketplace or share with your network.

Enhance Any Experience with Atris Assistants

  • Healthcare: "Train an Atris Assistant on medical guidelines to support clinicians with instant, accurate advice."
  • Retail: "Equip your sales team with an AI trained on your product catalog for real-time inventory and promo updates."
  • Engineering Community: "Create a coding assistant trained on your APIs and documentation, accelerating developer productivity."

Real-Time Insights, Personalized Knowledge, Web Intelligence

  • Sync with social media, websites, or documents for instant data retrieval.
  • Interact with your thoughts for personalized responses.
  • Experience smarter answers with Atris's ability to search and analyze the web.

Monetize Your Content with Atris

Here's how:

  • Input your content from any data source.
  • Launch your custom assistant in our marketplace for your audience.
  • Set your price and turn your knowledge into a revenue stream.

Optimize Your Business Ecosystem with Atris

Achieve peak efficiency:

Free Up Bandwidth

Across key departments—HR, Marketing, Engineering.

Smart Integration

Unified assistant interface through document integration.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage data and automations for peak efficiency.

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